Members of the studio have various writing and research efforts underway.  Check back often as these efforts make it through the editing, peer review, and the various other often convoluted, stages of development.


What Is Horizontal Pedagogy?  A discussion on dandelions…, 2017

Matthew Bissen - with David Backer, Jacques Laroche, Aleksandra Perisic, and Jason Wozniak.

In Out of the Ruins - The Emergence of New Radical Informal Learning Spaces
eds.,  Robert Haworth and John Elmore

A book chapter exploring Horizontal Pedagogy as an approach to learning with roots in the work of many activists, scholars, and educators through their various encounters within teaching and learning.  It is an experiment drawn together several traditions of facilitation practice in order to work against neoliberal-capitalist relations of production, but also to learn what other kinds of relations of knowledge production might be possible.


Walking the Everyday, 2014

Matthew Bissen

In NANO - New American Notes Online, Issue 6:  Narrative and Cartographies

Article exploring the relationships between narrative and cartography developed through the @matthewalking mapping project.

Issue 6 is a dynamic global collaboration.  The project emerged from a 2012 interdisciplinary workshop on cartography and narrative held in Zurich, Switzerland.  This workshop produced two sister publications exploring topics which emerged during three days of collaboration and experimentation.  Issue 6 in NANO was guest edited by Matthew Bissen (of working surface) and Laurene Vaughan, with Volume 51, Issue 2 in The Cartographic Journal guest edited by Sebastien Caquard and William Cartwright.

workingsurface is proud to have worked with Laurene Vaughan, Sean Scanlan,  Sebastien Caquard, and William Cartwright to bring the work of so many great authors from around the world forward to engage in the creative space between cartography and narrative.


Contours of a Spatialized Influence: A Tribute to Neil Smith, 2012

Matthew Bissen - with Nick Bacon, Marnie Brady, Zoltan Gluck, Malav Kanuga, Steve McFarland, Elizabeth Sibilia, and Laurel Mei Turbin

In Environment and Planning D:  Society and Space  30(6) 947-962