Rain Calendar

Acrylic and Nails,  2010 to present day.

Post Alley, Seattle - Current Location (Sunset Park, Brooklyn - Original Location)

Matthew Bissen

Inspired by many years of living in Seattle, this calendar traces the personal experience of rain by the calendar owner.  It establishes a daily relationship between the owner, the environment, time, and place through the daily ritual of recording precipitation.  This daily ritual enacts and represents ones relationship with rain.     

366 individual acrylic tiles.  Each morning the tile marking the previous day is pushed back to rest flat against the wall and the tile marking the new day is pulled forward to rest on the nail head.  At the end of each day the current tile is flipped to reflect if it was a 'rain day' (gray) or not (yellow-orange).  The rain gauge is the calendar owners body.  Each tile once pushed back to the wall remains in this state as a record of that day until the year passes bringing the calendar and owner back to a particular tile. 

Orientation:  top left corner tile - January 1, 6'-3" aff        Origin day - spring equinox        Current orientation - 2 months wide x 6 months high

Time:  Continual use since the spring equinox, 2010 when it began in a yellow-orange state.